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The stories posted in this area of our web site are generally contributed by our members. Some of them are "life stories," letting us in on the broad fortunes and misfortunes of an individual before, during and after his or her tour as a Coast Guard CW Operator. Others relate specific incidents, events and experiences of the story teller, giving us a glimpse of what it was like to be a Coast Guard Radioman afloat as well as ashore. Taken as a whole, this collection of stories will provide us with a person-focused history of Coast Guard communications during the "Morse Code Era." To be sure, they don't tell the "whole story," but they do express the reality of how CG communications history unfolded for the CW operators who stood watch in the radio shacks throughout the organization.

"SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR" Otto Freytag's Story

Before he crossed the bar, Otto was made CGCWOA's first "Ancient Communicator." This is his story, beginning with his life before joining the Coast Guard at age 15, up to his retirement as a CWO.