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Direct links from this page are generally limited to other sites that contain information about our organization's primary focus:

The Coast Guard CW Operator and the Use of International Morse Code in the Military and Maritime Services.

However, there are many other sites on the Internet that provide information of probable interest to members of CGCWOA and visitors to this site. In turn, these sites often supply links to other sites publishing links related to their primary focus. Links to these sites are provided below under the category called:

Links to Links

Much like signals on HF, web sites fade in and out of the Internet. Let us know of any they fade completely out, and also let us know of any CW related sites you stumble upon during your trips around the Web.




W6SG gives us a tour of CAMSPAC NMC on July 1, 2003 —— The day they retired the Sparks

    The CQ message NMC sent in CW on that melancholy day.   

The Last TC Class to Wear the Sparks: A Photo Tribute.


CW Lives:

W2BLC Radio Telegraphy  

History-Keys-Operations-Technology and TELEGRAPHY FORUM

The Ultimate Morse Code Web Site: "It seems the code is still alive in despite of what some people may think."



The Vibroplex Collector's Page: The Vibroplex semi-automatic telegraph key, or bug, has played a major part in land line and wireless telegraphy since Horace G. Martin introduced it in 1905. Learn more about these interesting devices and the company that made them.

Old Coasty - The Old Radio Jerry Website A personal web site including an eclectic bunch of links -- some radio and CG related, some not!

Morse Code TidBits: Some little known facts, etc. about radio telegraphy



Foundation for Coast Guard History (FCGH):  Mission: To create and sustain a foundation for scholarship, education and preservation of the U.S. Coast Guard’s history and that of its predecessor organizations.

Morse Code    by Roger J. Wendell, ZUT1363, WB0JNR

Roger's "Coast Guard" Page

SOS from ms PRINSENDAM - Marine Radio History - Morse Code - PLUS Morse Code Links

Charles H. Otnott, An ex-Coastie RMs story -- WD5BJT

Coast Guard Radio Boston/NMF:  Now the home of K1NMF, in 1943 U.S. Coast Guard Radio Station came to Marshfield, Mass.  The rest is history and here is some of it....

Guglielmo Marconi’s First Wireless Telegraph transmission between the United States and Europe -- find it here.

Chiniak - U.S. Coast Guard 1945 - From Kodiak Alaska Military History

The "Chief Roach" Story: by Don Gardner (at Jack's Joint)

"Me? A Radioman?"  by Bill Price (at Jack's Joint)

1964 Alaska Earthquake & Tsunami Radio Traffic  -- At "Jack Joint"

--- Go here for a listing of and access to many Coast Guard Stories at Jack's Joint



Coast Guard Club (

The US Coast Guard Amateur Radio Nets):

Closely connected to the CGCWOA, and informally presided over by Don Gardner ZUT252, the Coast Guard Club has "no membership dues. There are no ‘officers’ appointed in the club, but Dick Anderson, who normally is the NCS of the CG SSB Net, refers to me as the ‘Yeoman Emeritus’. There are no meetings, no sea bag or dress uniform inspection, no field days, no paydays (sorry), no soggying down, no brass work to shine, and no free chow; but we have open gangway and you don’t have to show a liberty card. We are simply a group of Coasties who have furnished information that has been posted to our call book. When you hear one of us on the air, you can check the call book and know quite a bit about the person. Nothing really personal, though. We don’t ask new members to fetch a bucket of steam, or look out for the mail buoy."

Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association: The Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association is a Non-Profit Corporation of Active Duty Members, Retired Members, Reserve Members, and Honorably Discharged Former Members of the United States Coast Guard who served in, or provided direct support to combat situations recognized by an appropriate military award while serving as a member of the United States Coast Guard.

Society of Wireless Pioneers: The Society of Wireless Pioneers (SOWP) is dedicated to the collection and preservation of the history of communications, particularly wireless and radio telegraphy. SOWP is also a strong influence against efforts to eradicate CW as a mode of communications.

Veteran Wireless Operators Association: The wireless art, and in particular the transmission and reception of messages by wireless operators, has been from its inception a service of special value to mankind in general, and for this reason is deservedly a source of price to all who consider themselves privileged to have spent a part of their lives in this service. Holding that the strong sense of pride and brotherhood thus engendered should be given form and perpetual commemoration by means of an association of those actively linked with this service, the founders of this fraternity and the present members have therefore established themselves as an Association. "Any person who, while holding a first- or second-class Radiotelegraph or Radiotelephone License issued by the Federal Communications Commission or the U.S. Department of Commerce, served as an operator of a radiotelegraph or radiotelephone station including broadcast and television for at least three (3) years qualifies as a MEMBER.  In addition, members of the armed services who served in a similar position but without holding an FCC license (such as Coast Guard operators) are equally eligible for membership.  This class of membership is also open to individuals with similar experience with licenses issued by governments other than the United States."


Military.com   ——  Addressing the needs and interests of people connected to all military services

    Coast Guard Community at Military.com

    Links from Military.com to Coast Guard Associations

    Official Coast Guard Links from Military.com


Jack's Joint:  An Unofficial Coast Guard Library and More. An Unofficial library of Coast Guard stories, articles, poems, essays, and downright lies. There are links to other Coastie sites, lighthouse sites, military sites, and lots of other stuff. Stop in and visit for awhile. Look at the pictures if you can find them. Most pages have a musical background. New features have just been added.

    Links from Jack's Joint