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  Webmaster's Special Announcement.

As you may have heard, I have had resigned as webmaster of www.Comm-One.org. Consideration to simply allow the web site dissolve and go into the bit bucket upon the expiration of our existing web hosting contract had been planned. Once again, Jim Huffman (ZUT 801) stood up and has taken steps to maintain the presents of our organization on the Worldwide Web. In a few days, you, will see some changes to our web site but it is important that www.Comm-One.org will live on.

It has been my pleasure serving as your webmaster but it is time to relieve the watch. I want to express my gratitude to each member that has contributed photos, stories, content and support over the years - Thank You. In closing, I wish to extend a very gratiful "Thank You" to the Coast Guard CW Operators Association Board for allowing me to serve as your webmaster. 73's to all. ~ Fred Siegel (ZUT 481)

Welcome aboard! This site serves those who held the enlisted rating of Radioman (RM) or Telecommunications Specialist (TC), and who employed International Morse Code (CW) in their routine communications duties on Coast Guard cutters and shore stations.

Membership qualifications are simple: You must have been a Coast Guard CW operator. Associate membership is offered to other professional and military CW operators. Any membership qualification issues will be resolved by the advisory board.

If you are a first time visitor and wish to know more about our Association, I invite you to view About Us.

Preserving Our History. Beyond serving our membership, our website is a depository of Coast Guard Communications History. Please feel free to browse through our site taking special notice of our Memorabilia Page which is full of historical information about the "old" Coast Guard Primary and Secondary Radio Stations. Oh, by the way, look in those dusty boxes you have and if you have any old photos - we'd be happy to have them.

2013 (Galveston) Reunion Meeting Photos.

Photos taken of members attending the meeting. Check 'em out.

69 Years Ago, this month, The Coast Guard Crewed USS Leopold (DE 319) NKEF Was Torpedoed in the Atlantic on the evening of 9 March 1944, South of Iceland by U255. 171 of her crew were lost with the ship and remain on eternal duty. Among those lost were the following Coast Guard Radiomen:

  • CRM Medceslaus S Juszkiewicz
  • CRM Benjamin Kinnard III
  • RM1c John Tamas Jr
  • RM2c Lindsay Croswell
  • RM2c Robert E Jones
  • RM2c James D Lowrie
  • RM3c William A Gee
  • RM3c Walter L Ward
The only Radioman to survive the sinking was RM3c Herbert Schwartz

Certain areas (Member's Only & Newsletters) are restricted for our membership. If you are interested in joining our Association, membership qualifications are simple: You must have been a Coast Guard CW operator. Check out our Membership Application.

Check out this 10 minute YouTube video interview of George Manning and Bob Flynn representing the FISTS club in Salem, Mass.

Don't forget to swing by our OpNotes. Yes this is where operators can drop a note of interest, an announcement, or simply drop in and see what others are saying. Enjoy!

We are posting weekly ZUT Net Logs so, if you cannot join the ZUT Net, drop-in and see who's saying what. ZUT Net Logs Enjoy!

We are working to update and upgrade our websit to better serve you. Please assist by sending your thoughts, ideas, comments or suggestions to our .


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This web site is operated by the Coast Guard CW Operators Association, a non-profit membership organization. The opinions expressed or implied on this web site or in Association publications reproduced on this web site, unless otherwise indicated, are solely those of individual contributors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Association, its officers, its Advisory Board, or its agents.  Nothing contained herein is to be construed as reflecting the views of the Department of Homeland Security, the USCG or officials thereof.

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